Deine Karriere in Consulting & Corporate Development

Management Consultants Operational Excellence


Our client is a renowned consultancy with a global reach, specialised in organisational change and 500+ employees.
Their projects are wide-ranging and typically include helping leaders accelerate change, conducting on-site change management, engaging the organisation for change and building change capabilities. Part of our mission is to continuously improve our leadership behaviour and be the most attractive place to work.


The company is one of Europe's most successful consultancies within the area of process transformation. For their process transformation team, they are looking for profiles to address the problems which may arise in connection with executing radical changes based on the Lean principles in private as well as public companies.

  • Providing consultancy services in relation to developing and optimising process organisations in close co-operation with their clients
  • Training of tools, methods and behaviours for organisations and programme managers, who take part in improvement transformations
  • Assisting in developing the process transformation team and their area of expertise

Their projects are wide-ranging and typically include optimisation of core processes, management tools and systems, performance management solutions and the establishment of a process excellence culture. Their clients are public organisations as well as private organisations within all industries.


  • Hold at least one relevant master’s degree
  • As a minimum have 3-5 years of experience from another consultancy
  • Have worked with Six Sigma, Lean and optimisation in manufacturing or service companies and are among the very best in Europe within these fields
  • Have a strong track record of handling complex challenges in optimisation projects and managing projects in large organisations

You are passionate about creating results, and you believe in an appreciative approach in the execution of change. You can be normative, but are aware that nothing is black and white. You love diversity and are both analytical and empathic.